In October, we kicked off the series with a more in-depth look at the proficient quality control inspectors on our team and what their role does in relation to our custom metal machining and fabrication operation. To continue on with our It Takes A Team series, this month we want to take a brief look at what the quality control manager here at Fab-Tec does.

Every team member is an integral part of what we do (we can’t say that enough!), but quality control managers do have the unique distinction of working with a wide variety of team members across the board due to their role. According to Zippia, as of September 2021, there are over 160,000 quality control managers employed in the United States. 

And while we don’t have 160,000 working here at Fab-Tec, our current quality control manager plays a role in performing the inspection requirements that are needed for every job we take on.

So let’s take a closer look at what our quality control managers get up to!

Quality Control Managers at Fab-Tec

Fab-Tec’s custom machining and fabrication involves a number of different steps as part of the overall process. Our quality control manager is involved in several different areas of that process. One of their biggest tasks is to handle both customer and internal reject and scrap parts. They will log them into a system called Unipoint from there for organizational purposes.

The reject and scrap process also involves investigating what exactly happened to the scrap or reject parts. From there, our quality control manager works to implement preventative measures where needed to remedy the cause. This particular element to our quality control manager role helps to facilitate the overall continuous improvement of part quality inside of Fab-Tec.

Our Fab-Tec quality control manager also oversees ISO audits. Internal ISO audits are performed to ensure that we are following all procedures and presenting all needed documents at the correct time. Monthly quality management meetings are also held to make sure that the quality standards set by Fab-Tec and our customers are met.

The quality control manager here at Fab-Tec brings a mixture of skills with them that range from managerial experience to fully understanding the ins and outs of the manufacturing and fabricating that we perform here. This helps them to carry out their various duties efficiently!

The Fab-Tec Team is Here

Fab-Tec’s entire team keeps us running and operating as a trusted machining company in North Carolina. Since our start in 1997, we have seen growth in both the fabrication and machining services we offer and the team that helps keep our entire operation running. From our quality control manager all the way to our press brake operators, the Fab-Tec team is ready and waiting to get started on fabricating quality component parts for you.

Interested in joining the Fab-Tec team and possibly even becoming a part of our quality control team? Check out our open positions today here.