Here at Fab-Tec, we know the importance of teamwork and how it affects the operation of machining companies across the country. Since our start in 1997, we’ve always aimed to have a talented team on site that knows all the ins and outs of custom metal machining. We’ve achieved that over the years with an excellent team made up of skilled individuals!

We have made it an important part of our mission to put a focus on making a positive impact on not only our customers and vendors but also on our employees. Every member of our team, from the welders to those that take on the responsibility of quality control, make up an important part of the Fab-Tec metal fabrication and powder coating operation. 

Quality Control Inspectors at Fab-Tec

Quality control happens both during and after the machining and fabrication processes. At Fab-Tec, our quality control inspectors work to ensure that our finished and in progress products, such as our custom engineered machine parts, meet all critical requirements. These requirements include dimensions, material type, orientation, and more.

During the fabrication and machining process, quality control inspectors handle the verification of travelers (specific paperwork that we generate at Fab-Tec that provide layouts of different processes for parts) and inspection check sheets, perform spot checks, and ensure that all paperwork is filled out correctly.

Final inspection is a very thorough process handled by our talented quality control inspectors. Once again, they ensure that all paperwork is signed off on correctly and they verify counts of parts.

Along with making sure that the final inspection area is kept clean, one of the most important steps of the final inspection is checking the product quality. This ensures that the final parts that make it out of Fab-Tec are free of things like sharp edges and that they are correct in their size dimensions.

Ever wondered what happens to incorrect parts? Our quality control inspectors tag them and from there they’re separated out from the good parts.

As David Bolding Jr., VP of Sales for Fab-Tec, says “It takes a Team to run the business” and the quality control inspectors make up an important part of our team!

Our Team Has Your Back 

The operation of Fab-Tec’s custom metal machining and fabrication is helped along by all members of our team. As a machining company with years of experience to back us up, we’re here to handle the work that you need completed. With fantastic recent hires to our team, we’re ready to get started on fulfilling all of your production needs.

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