When it comes to a number of industries in 2021, including the custom machining and fabrication industry, a shortage of workers has been faced. In a recent piece from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, they shared that a number of industries have been hard hit by shortages including custom metal machining manufacturers, travel, healthcare, and other service-based industries. 

The Chamber of Commerce noted that there were 826,000 unfilled jobs in the manufacturing industry.

With the larger picture in mind, it can be important to look at the state of the industry on a smaller scale as well. In a survey conducted by the Fabricator, they found that of the 260 people surveyed (all who work in the machining and fabrication space), showed concern over the availability of skilled workers. Though an important note here is that this has been a continuing trend in this survey going back to 2013.

On that point of concern, a majority of those surveyed also noted that business “for the foreseeable future” looks quite solid.

From a Fab-Tec Point of View

The pandemic has certainly set challenges for us and others in the fabrication and machining industry. But here at Fab-Tec, we have been pretty fortunate to have gained a number of fantastic new employees over the course of the last year. 

David Bolding, Sr., owner of Fab-Tec, shared a few words on our own team: “During the pandemic, recruiting and hiring skilled candidates has been a challenge, however Fab-Tec has made some very positive hires for our production team members to meet business demands. Since, Fab-Tec has been able to utilize our available capacity to deliver higher volumes of product and in return, we feel that this will benefit both our customers and local manufacturers as we are able to help ‘fill the gap’ with quality workmanship.”

Our team has put in the work that has allowed us to continue putting forth our best efforts as a machining company. We’re looking forward to assisting manufacturers as we move forward with their own production needs as the industry continues to shift around us.

Manufacturers, Let Fab-Tec Fill The Gap For You

The state of the custom machining and fabrication industry will undoubtedly see more changes as time goes on. And that’s why Fab-Tec wants to be the machining company that is there to help manufacturers during this time and into the future. With specialization in fabrication and machining, we are ready to help with a variety of production needs.

Allow us to help fill the gap that you may be currently facing. Send a message our way through our contact page or call us. We’re ready!

And if you happen to be on the lookout for a new cutting edge manufacturing position with an awesome team, be sure to check out our latest openings!