Custom metal machining the various parts and components for customers that range from safety equipment to automotive parts really requires precision work. Precision machining is a key way to ensure that the component parts that machining companies, like Fab-Tec, are fabricating are reliable and efficient once they make their way into the hands of a customer.

But you might be wondering how precision machining makes such a big difference in the component parts that custom metal machining manufacturers create, which is what we’re going to look at today.

What Precision Custom Metal Machining is Used For

At its most basic, precision custom metal machining is the method that allows a machining company to meet the exact specifications for a component over and over. Precision machining is able to produce any number of small or large components as needed and is typically used when any object has multiple parts.

Consider this. Say you bring a machining company an order for several thousand parts that all need to be made to the same exact specifications. Precision machining ensures that from the first part to the very last part, those exact specifications are consistently met with no odd variety. If you had a large order and things like size, shape, and material thickness varied across each part, that order would not be accurate or consistent.

Precision machining allows machining companies to maintain accuracy across a batch of component parts to keep uniformity for each part.

Another example: when it comes to components and parts that are used in industrial machinery, there are often industry set standards that need to be met. Exact specifications are met, such as material thickness or thinness, dimensions, and quality through precision machining.

Precision machining allows us to meet specifications, tight tolerances, and have much better repeatability in the component parts that we are machining. 

CNC Use in Precision Machining

With a better idea of just why precision machining is important, we can make a quick note of how CNC devices are used. Here at Fab-Tec, CNC devices are incorporated into a number of our capabilities, including milling and routing. 

Precision machining often involves the programming that can come from a CNC device. CNC devices are a way that the exact dimensions we need for machining and fabrication purposes are followed throughout an entire run.

Get Precision Machining with Fab-Tec

Precision machining is a major factor when it comes to providing services to our customers as a machining company. You can easily come to us with exact specifications for the component parts that you need machined and we can get to work with said specifications. With that in mind, you now have a better understanding of why we take precision machining very seriously here at Fab-Tec when it comes to the fabrication of your orders.

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