According to a 2019 analysis by the American Trucking Association, there has been a shortage of truck drivers in the trucking industry over the past 15 years. One of the key findings in this analysis was that in 2018, the trucking industry was facing a shortage of 60,000 drivers.

If the current trend continues, that shortage could potentially grow to over 160,000 by 2028. 

This shortage is effectively creating a domino effect across the United States that is impacting manufacturers, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. The analysis also suggests that the trucking industry will need to hire around 1.1 million new drivers to help replace retiring truck drivers. 

And this shortage was before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived.

Pandemic Effects on Unemployment and Manufacturing

The 2019 analysis paints a clear picture for the trucking industry that in turn will affect the manufacturing industry. According to a recent dive into the labor market recovery by Pew Research, they estimate that employment in February 2021 is “8.5 million less than in February 2020”.

Job losses in any kind of recession tend to feature around goods-producing sectors, according to Pew Research, which includes industries such as manufacturing. With an ongoing shortage of drivers coupled with the pandemic’s unemployment rate still recovering, it’s no surprise that the manufacturing industry has been affected. 

The manufacturing sector, that Fab-Tec is a proud part of, employed about 8.8% of total US employment in 2013. And if we look at the transportation and warehousing sectors, that tie very closely to our industry, there’s been growth pre-COVID. In 2019, both transportation and warehousing grew by 3.2%.

Looking at how these industries have been affected by unemployment and general shortages all in one place lets us have a better understanding of the current state of manufacturing and transportation in terms of employment. 

Jobs at Fab-Tec: A Quality Machining and Metal Fabrication Company

With a deeper look at the impact that unemployment has had on the US manufacturing industry, we want to make a point to share that we are always hiring for a number of positions here at Fab-Tec. We were recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies for the third time in 2020, and we are always looking for new team members.

Positions that we are consistently looking to hire for include:

  • Welders
  • Powder-coat Painters
  • Parts Assemblers
  • CNC Machine Operators

You can easily apply online here for any open roles. And you can learn more about Fab-Tec here

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