Fab-Tec, Inc. has added the Durma Model 37220 Press Brake to our metal fabrication machine repertoire. This incredible machine is a jack of all trades and a game-changer in the CNC machining space.

Let’s break down the specs.

Getting to Know the Durma 37220 Press Brake

At 16′ 3″ long, 5′ 10″ wide, and 9′ 6″ tall, it’s a very compact machine with a wide array of capabilities.

It uses 245 tons of pressure to bend sheet metal on 6 axes and can measure any bending angle. The need for shimming has been completely eliminated thanks to a CNC controlled crowning system that has homogenized bending forces at every point of the part being bent.

What really makes the Durma stand out, though, is its brand new DA-Touch control system. This top-of-the-line tech offers an extremely high degree of efficiency in programming, operating, and controlling the press brake. It makes the press brake easier to use while ensuring peak accuracy and peak productivity. With this touch screen, we have direct access to the Delem user-interface, which is more intuitive than ever. It enables a direct link between programming a part’s specs and producing the part.

The Durma 37220 is equipped with the DA-66T touchscreen. The 17″ full-color screen has high-resolution definition and a 2D graphical touchscreen programming mode that simplifies bend sequence calculation and collision detection by automating it. The touch screen maximizes a consistent and user-friendly experience. It utilizes a multitasking environment with user-specific application support, which further enhances the efficiency of the device.

While the press brake machine itself is impressive, what really makes it next-gen is the tech that makes it work. It’s fully equipped with the Windows application suite and is compatible with Delem’s Modusys, which allows for module scalability and adaptability. And, it’s programmed with highly accurate and effective control algorithms that minimize set up time and optimize the press brake’s cycle.

How We Can Make This Machine Work for You

That’s a lot of specs, but what does it all mean? It means this machine is the pinnacle of versatility, efficiency, and precision. It means we can make any part, any time and we can make it fast. Whatever your project demands, we can fulfill it with the same exacting quality and service that you’ve come to expect from us. Whether it’s tubing, sheet metal, or something in between, in the hands of our team, the Durma Press Brake can handle it.

We’re standing by and ready to make things happen with not just the Durma, but the rest of the high-powered precision machines on our shop floor. Give us a shout via our contact page, or call us today. It’s never too soon to get started.